Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Tarot Year Card

Joanna Powell Colbert suggests calculating your year tarot card to help focus goals.

Using her formula - add together you month, day and current year I got 7 for this year's card, The Chariot.

Joanna interprets that as focus, determination, self-discipline, independence, initiation, working towards a goal, proving yourself out in the world, moving, travel, testing yourself, endurance, success.

I'm 50 now so working towards a goal of health and happiness has been on my mind. 
I stated an intention that this year I would be more creative, actively engage in studying tarot and herbology - brewing potions, making incense, creating charged oils and scents for an alcohol burner. 

This blog is part of that intention/goal - I want to document my studies and progress. 
I like the feeling of writing using the keyboard, it helps me focus my thougths so this blog will be my creative spot, my online BOS.

My birth tarot card would be the Wheel of Fortune.
Major change - of residence, job, outlook, completion of one cycle and beginning of another.  Orderly change, impermanence, living in the now, turning point.

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